Kofi Aboagye-Nyame

13/09/1934 - 14/07/2022


Obituary For Kofi Aboagye-Nyame

Sir Knight Katakyie Pharm. Kofi Aboagye-Nyame (K45) was a loving husband, father and family member. He was selfless and generous in everything, a man of very strong faith and conviction and always ready to encourage and advice. Dad, you will be forever missed!



19 Oct

Laying in State

07:30 AM - 09:30 AM

St. Theresa's Catholic Church Awudome Roundabout Kaneshie, Get Directions »
19 Oct

Requiem Mass

09:30 AM

St. Theresa's Catholic Church Awudome Roundabout Kaneshie, Get Directions »
20 Oct


Asante Mampong , Get Directions »
22 Oct


12:00 PM

Page Events Center Sakaman Accra, Get Directions »
23 Oct


01:00 PM

Lower McCarthy Hill , Get Directions »
19 Nov

Celebration of Life

09:00 PM - 02:00 AM

6219 Villa St Alexandria, VA 22310 Get Directions »
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  • 10/04/2022

    Praying for the whole Aboagye-Nyame family that the Good Lord continue to be your strength and shield.

  • 09/26/2022

    TRIBUTE TO THE LATE MR KOFI ABOAGYE - NYAME, FROM THE SVD RETIREMENT COMMUNITY AT McCARTHY HILL, ACCRA. "He is a wise man who does not grieve for things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has". Epictetus. Mr Kofi Aboagye - Nyame was a man of faith who experienced the closeness of God in his life, therefore, he never saw life as a burden but as a precious gift to be appreciated and lived fully. His association with the SVD Retirement Community came from his daily weekly Holy Mass attendance in the Community. He will join our Religious Community for our morning prayers followed by the Holy Mass every week except Sundays when he goes to his parish at the St Theresa's Catholic Church at Kaneshie, Accra. Through this association he became part of our community and we became part of his family. We celebrated happy anniversaries together as well as sad ones. Mr Kofi Aboagye, as we popularly call him, was always one of the first to be in our chapel in the mornings to the shame of those of us who lived there. He was never ashamed of his Catholic faith to the admiration of us all. He lived his life with confidence and with an assurance that there was nothing beyond his doing. His life was a book showing that life can be lived only once, therefore, whatever he needed to do, he did it with confidence and without fear. He goes wherever he wishes to go without even thinking about how he will be there, and surely Mr Kofi Aboagye will be there. Mr Kofi Aboagye - Nyame, the SVD Retirement Community will miss you. We will continue with our task of praying for you and others. We shall miss your yearly chocolate gift to our community on every death anniversary of your beloved late wife. Thank you for being part of our community, and thank you for walking along with us in faith. May you rest in the Lord and may you continue to pray for us up there with the Lord. REST IN PERFECT PEACE!!

  • 09/22/2022

    A life well lived. In words of Emily Dickinson; The soul selects its own people then shut door...to its own imagination presents no more! Our deepest sympathy and love to the entire family, may God be your comforter during this difficult period. Damirifua due, Akora Kofi Aboagye-Nyame Damirifua due, Damirifua due! Due ne amanehuru. Natiw yiye! Odikro- on behalf NAM C'87

  • 09/14/2022

    TRIBUTE TO SIR KNIGHT NANA KOFI ABOAGYE- NYAME FROM: PEGGY OSEI TUTU-DZODZOMENYO. "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. O LORD, I am thy servant; I am thy servant, the son of thy handmaid. Thou hast loosed my bonds." (ps 116:15-16). In many ways you were prepared for this day. You spoke to us in no uncertain terms that you were in the waiting lounge, waiting for your flight to be called HOME. You were so prepared and spoke about your departure that we had become used to it and were no longer apprehensive or feared what was to come! I got to meet Sir Knight Aboagye-Nyame during the last decade of his beautiful life. He was then in a wheelchair and had both legs amputated, I felt sad for this man without legs, and as if that was not enough trouble, a few years later he lost his dear wife as well. This was a double jeopardy!!!...However, he did not let these tragedies stop him from getting on with his life. In fact I dare say that he lived life to the fullest. One would have thought that with his physical impairment and limitation one would relate softly and delicately with him. However no sooner had we forged a rather friendly bond than the relationship developed into another level. I soon learnt that he had been the classmate of the only surviving brother of my father in Opoku Ware Secondary School. Dr. George Senya (K2). So by extension he became my UNCLE. We shared fellowship each morning after Mass, before parting ways. It was at such times that our small community developed into a family; Nana Hemaa Cecilia, Aunty Mary, Aunty Ataa, Rita, Edwina, Bro. Petrus, Bro. Freddy (KOFI INDIAN) and yours truly Peggy would share jokes and poke fun at each other. We started our anecdotes on our imaginary marathon races on the slopes of MacCarthy Hill, and guess who won most of the time? Uncle was the one who introduced me to "Di Asa" a reality Television program for fuller and outsized women on Adom T.V. Station. Considering my physique and agility he regaled me with what he used to see. He honestly thought I was a candidate for"Di Asa". And I also teased in return. Ah we had great fun in the group. To talk about Uncle and not mention his deep love for God: his spirituality, the joy of attending Holy Mass daily , his devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus ,his love for the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, will be incomplete ! Every so often he will compile and print out for distribution Catholic prayers, documentaries and commentaries. I have a lot of his printouts on file. This was his way of evangelizing and encouraging us to deepen our Catholic faith. During rosary Months, i.e. May and October he organized our small group at the SVD chapel, to recite the Holy Rosary, and this is a tradition that we will continue to observe. He celebrated and marked all milestones; birthdays, Marian Feast days and all days of solemnity on the Catholic calendar, as well as anniversaries of important events in his life. I was surprised when he announce the last one, he had planned it for September 2022, to mark his 50th year as a KNIGHT OF MARSHALL. May I pause now, to thank you and your COURT for organizing them to visit my aged Mother when you learnt, that she was a Sister from COURT 1 in Kumasi, and had come to reside with me in Accra. This memorable visit brought so much joy to my mother, MRL Mary Osei Tutu. Uncle, I have no doubt that heaven is your prize!!! You have fought a good fight, you have finished the race gallantly, and you have kept the faith, despite your difficulties and adversities. Henceforth who can prevent you from receiving your crown of righteousness which the Lord the MERCIFUL GOD, will award you through you own Mother MARY. SO UNCLE WITH ETERNITY ON MY MIND I WISH ETERNAL LIFE. PRAY FOR US AS WE DO SAME FOR YOU. GOOD NIGHT UNCLE !!!!

  • 09/13/2022

    Dear Daddy Aboagye Nyame I know you are in Heaven since you told me your Mother Mary is calling you . This shows you are a great man of God. I have just been told Good and generous people get to know the day the Lord will call them days ahead. I will miss your little teases. Your concern for people and our Church were beyond imagination. May the Angels lead you home. Please whisper a prayer in Heaven for us. And say hello to Katakyie W99. Rest in peace Daddy

  • 09/11/2022

    🌹 You may not have been my dad but our bond was so special that you could fight any challenges for me..still losing you has made me sad and your legacy I will wish to fulfill🥹 I miss your smile and your voice... I loved your strength and care, if I had a choice, I'd reach out and you'd be there to live again. As we lay you to rest, Grandfather, the tears fall and our hearts remember all the ways you cared for others around you. Your usual way of answering calls "Hello my dear" and " hello Eno bibiaaaa ekor so deɛ?.. we won't hear again.. I will deeply miss your voice saying "aeeiii Eno ehin na wo teɛ.. I haven't seen you for like a week?" when you don't even see me for just an hour... this shows how much you care and love me, my sweet grandfather... Now the whole house will no longer echo with your bell ringing and no sound from your TV , I will miss your voice when you always try to sing "for the sake of His sorrowful passion" repeatedly, 
since you've moved on into the realm of the ever after.
 But to those who know and love you like we still do, your memory will warm our hearts 'til we go to heaven too. Da it was your deepest wish that I get a job and through your prayers I have.. you warmly told me to wear my uniform so you could see... I did and you saw it just before you passed on and I know you felt you have fulfilled your duty... now I know it's left with one thing to do that you always said if I don't do you will go and leave me... yes since there is a time for everything.. time didn't permit you to witness that wish which you have truly left but I know you will continue to pray for me to achieve that we both wished I accomplish 🙏🏾sleep well a tired soul and may the Lord be with your spirit

  • 08/25/2022

    May your beautiful soul rest in peace, and may you enjoy heaven with Jesus, the angels and saints.

  • 08/25/2022

    "Though cisterns be broken, And creatures all fail, The word He hath spoken Shall surely prevail" May the Good Lord grant your Gentle Soul Eternal Rest.

  • 08/03/2022

    May your humble soul rest in perfect peace. May the holy Angels lead you to paradise..Eternal rest grant to him oh lord and let perpetual light on him.Amen

  • 08/03/2022

    I had the opportunity to meet him personally because of his granddaughter 'Maame Sewaah Nyame' and when he found out that I am a mashallan he welcome me with open arms and took in instantly as a grandson, due to that anytime time I speak to Sewaah on phone I get the opportunity to exchange special greetings. I pray for a perfect rest as he has joined the noble order above. Rest Well Senior Most Brother.

  • 08/03/2022

    I know that grieve comes in waves. My heart goes out to you serwaa for the loss of your father. I will remember you and the entire family in prayers

  • 08/03/2022

    I hit to meet him shortly before his demise. I wish I could have seen and had a chat with him once more to learn from his wise advice. My warmest heart felt condolences to the family. May our Lord be with him in his newly found home.

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